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Learn OOPs concept

About the Course Teaching Programming Languages like C, C++, Oops Concepts, C# .NET, JAVA, Operating Systems, HTML, Java Script, Maths, Science, Computer Science. Training. Topics Covered C++ Object Oriented Programming Syllabus Introduction and Overview Benefits of Object Oriented Methods Object Oriented Programming The Structure of a C++ program Classes in C++ Constructors & Destructors Access Specifiers Memory Allocation Concept, Exe Diagram Static & Dynamic Memory Allocation Memory Leakage, Dangling Pointer Reference, Copy Constructor Shallow & Deep Copy This Pointer Strings in C++ Function Overloading Inheritance, Derived Classes Virtual Function & Table Polymorphism Pure Virtual Functions Operator overloading Inline Functions & Default Parameters Data hiding, Diamond Ring Problem Advanced C++ functions Dynamic Storage Allocation Containment (Has A) NameSpace C++ Libraries Data Structures using C++ I/O Libraries Template Classes Exception Handling Duration: 30 hrs C , Syllabus: Overview of C Compilation, Linkage & execution Datatypes, variables Storage class specifiers Operators & Expressions Statements: If-Else,While, Do while, For, Switch Case Functions, Arguments & Return types Arrays, Null-Terminated Arrays, Multidimensional Arrays String Operations Pointers, Pointer Arithmetic Structure, Array of Structure Enumerations, Unions Console I/O Application Preprocessors , comments File IO Searching & Sorting Recursive Functions Linked Lists (Single, Double, Circular) Stack & Queues Vector, Set, Map Duration: 30 hrs Who should attend Computer Students, IT engineers, Desktop application developers, BCA/ BSc /MCA students. Pre-requisites Basic computer knowledge What you need to bring Laptop, Notebook Key Takeaways OOPS C C++

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